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Let’s Change it Up

Let's Change it Up

Episode 71 – Let’s Change it Up

In this episode:

The voice of a true fan shines through in Jamal Roussell’s work. You won’t want to miss out on his latest article as Brotha on Baseball, “Memorial Day And A Swagg Chain?” at sportbumz.com which is the topic of today’s episode. We’ll discuss what improvements are possible on today’s baseball gameplay, as well as our AL and NL All- Star picks to this point!

  • [01:46] Random question for the day: Which team would you play for, with  your home team as an exception?
  • [06:46] Discussion about Lou Gehrig Day and awareness merch
  • [13:31] What can we do to change today’s game? – discussion about high MLB strikeouts, pitchers’ performances, and how to market it
  • [21:00] What positive changes to the gameplay would you want to implement in today’s baseball game and can we see it in MLB soon?
  • [24:42] Discussion about on who really make the decisions managers or front office
  • [34:54] Jamal’s article “Memorial Day And A Swagg Chain?” discussed, and how it relates to safety in the baseball game
  • [41:51] What can we do to make the baseball game better? Can it go back to its popularity as it did a long time ago?
  • [45:44] Did the players a few years ago play like Mike Trout?
  • [48:49] AL picks: If you’ll choose who will play in the All-Star teams, who are on them? 
  • [54:28] NL picks: If you’ll choose who will play in the All-Star teams, who are on them?

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Sportbumz: https://sportbumz.com/category/brotha-on-baseball/

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