Going Deep with Matthew and Jeremy

The Start of Year 2

The Start of Year 2

Episode 73 – The Start Of Year 2

In this episode:

It’s been one year since we started this podcast and it feels like just yesterday!

We had our usual banter about the NBA offseason and who is going to be crowned this season’s champion.  We’ll also crack down on how necessary is the new rule about the MLB’s sticky stuff.

Tune in for more of our thoughts from this week’s sports updates by listening to this episode—you won’t want to miss any of these conversations!

  • [04:43] Random question for the day: Which baseball stadium feels like “this is it!” and which one will you visit next?
  • [11:56] NBA Championship 2021 Eastern Conference Recap: Atlanta Hawks and thoughts about Ben Simmons’ previous shots
  • [21:09] NBA Championship 2021 Eastern Conference Recap: Milwaukee Bucks, how they dismantled Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets in this shortest offseason
  • [26:55] NBA Championship 2021 Western Conference Recap: Phoenix Suns, recognizing their great players, and how opponents should prepare for this team
  • [30:43] NBA Championship 2021 Western Conference Recap: Los Angeles Clippers, is Kawhi leaving, and should Lakers fans root for this team?
  • [37:52] NBA Championship 2021 Finals: What should we expect this year?
  • [44:02] MLB: Thoughts about new rules regarding sticky stuff and its punishment, is this idea beneficial to implement in mid-season?

Meet The Guys

The bromance started in 2007 when the fellas first played Pony Baseball together. Sparks flew from that first practice as the guys would later go on to join each other in middle school. Throughout the years, Jeremy and Matthew won numerous sports competitions together. Until their dreaded graduation where they would separate and go their own way for high school.

As arch-rivals on the field now, they stayed close and continued to build their friendship. Through high school and college, the two have been able to stay close. We are now eager to give you the best content possible on the Going Deep with Matthew and Jeremy Podcast.

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