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When Hockey Finally Gets Good

There are so many times I get so caught up in my microcosm of hockey – culling over stats until my eyes bleed. Things like listening to some 15-year Canadian kid from fucking Moose Jaw go into deep analysis of, say, the Calgary Flames’ list of third round draft prospects. Watching game after game of […]

Tom Wilson Ugliness Was Sure Good For Ratings

And just like that, hockey became relevant, if not for a fleeting second. Yeah, thanks Tom Wilson. By now, everyone knows of the epic fail the NHL Player Safety group this week in handing out a measly $5,000 fine to Capitals’ tough man Tom Wilson, a player known to league safety officials for sure. Fans, […]

A Lazy Fan’s Guide to the Upcoming NHL Playoffs

The Puck Handler | Rob Staggenborg @RealBrockBanne1   The first thing you realize about hockey fans is that they are crazy. Now, once you understand that key fact, you can wrap your mind around the post-pandemic National Hockey League this season. Hockey is a game of numbers, stats, trends, and all kinds of mathematical algorithms, […]

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