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Hey Batta Batta!

Looking for a blog that has the love of the game in it? Somebody who gets the numbers, but doesn’t get bogged down by them. Who can also can get into the minutiae, but try to be accessible. Then this is the blog for you. Welcome to Brotha on Baseball

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Isn’t There a Saying About Glass Houses?

It is the time of the year where the World Series takes center stage. While a prediction is a norm (I had the Astros […]

And The Award Goes To…

Now the season has ended, I figure it is time to give out my awards. None of the awards this year are no-brainers; strong […]

Do They Have Pictures Of The Team Owner?

I know the title is dramatic, but every team in Major League Baseball employs and gives playing time to some individuals whom I have […]

Why Are You Bringing Up That Stuff?

Every fan of any of a club knows the heartbreak of having the epic moment go against their favorite nine. Sometimes the moment comes […]

Viva La Revolucion!

  This is the start of a very important month on the calendar. Today is the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. The influence of […]

Who Are We

Who are we as fans? Are we allowed to do what we want when we are in the stadium? Does my ticket to the […]

Ep129: DFS Docket Previews the AFC North!

Abe brings on special guests Chris and Jeff to break down the AFC North! 

Don’t Fall For It

You may not know Marvin Miller, but he is one of the most important people in the history of baseball. It is unfortunate he […]

Maybe Mumbai, Macau, or Monrovia, But Please Less Iowa

I am willing to go out on a limb and say most of the people reading this have no idea who is the athlete […]

Baseball And The Beautiful Game

Tomorrow will be a big day in the international sports world as one of soccer’s all-time greats, Lionel Messi, will be unveiled as the […]

Trade Season is Among Us

The Guys are back! It’s been a little while but they are back just in time for the MLB trade season. Make sure to […]

Excuse Me Sir, What Is Your Return Policy?

The trade market this season has been slow developing so far. The only moves of significance have been Nelson Cruz going to the Tampa […]

Let’s Make A Deal! Everything Must Go!

July is a busy month on the baseball calendar and this season is no different. The last week has seen the Futures Game, the […]

My Other All-Star Team

It is the busy part of this season, but the All-Star break is upon us. This is around the Major League First-Year Player Draft, […]

Dominic Toretto and Mike Trout? What Is Going On?

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a big soft spot for the Fast and Furious movie franchise. I know the movies are […]

What Are The Rules Exactly?

Baseball as an industry does a horrible job of getting out of its way. Over the last week, the foreign substances conversation is yet […]

It’s The Sticky Stuff, Stupid

“It ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught.” as the famous saying goes. Anyone who has played baseball long enough knows this aphorism to […]

Memorial Day And A Swagg Chain?

As I write this, it is Memorial Day. A day to remember the soldiers who died in battle supporting the various U.S. interests. Very […]

So Far, So Good? Part 2

“A storm is threatening my very life today. If I don’t get some shelter, I’m going to fade away”. In keeping with the musical […]

So Far, So Good?

“There must be some kind of way out of here,” said the joker to the thief. There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no […]

Is Baseball Offense Broken?

“It is tough to scout when there are so many strikeouts”. This was a refrain from an exasperated scout who was seated behind me […]

C’mon , Blue! That’s Terrible!

There is one thing any baseball player or fan can agree on, regardless of team affiliation, the umpires are terrible. I mean I have […]

First Place Mariners? Sure, Why Not?

It is midway through the first month of the season and the April crazy time has not ended yet. The first place Seattle Mariners […]

What Would Jackie Think?

Since it is April 15th, it means it is time for the annual tradition of Jackie Robinson Day throughout Major League Baseball. Most baseball […]

Sticky Situations

As we get into its second full week, I can see the baseball season starting to settle in its natural rhythm. Before the season […]

Hey, Are You New Here? (Part 2)

layer movement was only consigned to the National League. The junior circuit has had its share of guys looking to have fresh starts, either […]

Hey, Are You New Here?

Player movement is the lifeblood of every baseball offseason. So as the 2021 season picks up pace, let’s look at how it is going […]

First Weekend Overreactions

With the first weekend of the new season in the books, it is time for some early takeaways from what I saw around Major […]

Hope Springs Eternal, But Not Really

Where have you gone Tuffy Rhodes and Kosuke Fukudome? If these former Chicago Cubs are on my mind it must mean Opening Day is […]

Change Is the Only Constant

Change is the only constant In 1973 Charlie Finley, the former owner of the Oakland A’s, tried to introduce orange baseballs in an effort […]

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