The DFS Docket Podcast

Ep129: DFS Docket Previews the AFC North!

Abe brings on special guests Chris and Jeff to break down the AFC North! 

121: Ep121: QB Preview

Abe and Josh break down the incoming Quarterbacks and what the preview looks like at the position. 

119: Ep119: Superflex Mock Draft W/ Scott Simpson.

Abe and Josh bring in Scott Simpson for an incredible Dynasty SuperFlex Mock Draft

120: Ep120: Monday Morning Mimosas!

Abe and Josh bring in Lauren Carpenter to just talk about… well, anything.

118: Ep118: Tim Tebow Returns!

Abe and Josh welcome Jeff Greenwood to talk about TIM TEBOW!!! And have an awesome Keep/Trade?Cut discussion with tons of players.  

117: Ep117: Scott Fish Bowl Invites!

Scott Fish Bowl invites are starting to fly and who better then to pre game the SFB11 with than the Podathon Host himself Sal Leto! Abe and Josh welcome in Sal and Steve for some fantasy fun. 
2 Raiders fans on the same mic and we could talk for days! …

116: Ep116: NFL Mock with a Fantasy Twist!

Abe and Josh welcome in LaQuan Jones, Derek Overby and Dave Heilman to have their own NFL Mock Draft… but with no defensive players!!! Be ready to have the time of your life!!!

115: Ep115: (The DFS Docket) Rookie Quarterback Preview

Abe is joined by big time players in the game, Nick from P2W Fantasy & Alexis Kraft to discuss issues in the world, this weeks headlines, and preview the top rookie quarterbacks.

114: Ep114: (The DFS Docket) : You called it!

Abe and Josh welcome in the Fantasy Vipers finest and talk a little smack talk! Tune in for some fun exciting sports talk about the upcoming draft and what it means for the players to add another game to the schedule! 

112: Ep112: Wilson, Fields, or Jones!? Who do you take?

Steve has on special guests Abe from the DFS DOCKET and Bret from Open 24 Hours to discuss the top QB prospects in this years class! 

112: Ep112: (The DFS Docket) : Free Agent Winners & Losers

The guys welcome in Troy King to give a full breakdown of the Sam Darnold trade, and their winners and losers of the 2021 off season.

111: Ep111: (The DFS Docket) : Redraft Strategies with Ian Hartitz

Abe brings on Steve and Special guest Ian Hartitz to discuss redraft strategies! 
Tua or Hurts? 
Check out the rest of the teams work at

110: Ep110: 2021 NFL Draft Discussion Prep

Steve and Andrew talk prospects and the 2021 draft as we inch closer to the big day! 
For all of our teams work check out

109: Ep109: (The DFS Docket) Free Agent Signings & Off Season Moves!

With Josh out, Andrew fills in as the guys welcome Dave Mendelson to discuss the recent free agent news, and the guys they were 100% right on last year.

108: Ep108:(The DFS Docket) – Free Agent Frenzy!

This week Abe and Josh welcome Dave Kluge in to talk about everything going on in free agency, and talk about the guys that disappointed them in 2020. 

107: Ep:107(The DFS Docket) Rookie Review!

Abe & Josh are joined by heavy hitters Matthew Betz and Chase Vernon! Check out the Rookie Review Episode as we approach this years draft! 

296: DFS Docket – Wide Receiver Review

Abe and Josh welcome in Chris Robin AKA Detroit Beastie, to review the 2020 wide receiver position. 

105: Ep105:(The DFS Docket Ep47) QB/RB Risers & Fallers

Abe and Josh bring on fellow Detroit native Chris Robin to discuss the risers and fallers at QB/RB. 
For all our teams work check out

104: Ep104: NFL Mock Draft Picks 1-16

Steve and Andrew bring on 3 of the teams writers and rankers to discuss the team article on the 2021 NFL Mock Draft! 
Picks 1-16
Find the full article on

103: Ep103: (The DFS Docket Ep46) QB Carousel

Abe & Josh bring on special guest Stephie Smalls to discuss the Quarterback movement around the league! 
Stay tuned and find out who was active in the live chat and found themselves onto the live stream too! 
You can find all of our teams work at sid…

102: Ep102 (The DFS Docket Ep45) Super Bowl Preview Special!!

Josh and Abe bring on extremely special guest Christopher TenPenny, Arrowheadlive, & Evan Winter to discuss the big game. 
Nothing better then hosting a Super Bowl podcast with some local legends! 
Tune in to see what all the chatter is about and don…

101: Ep101: (The DFS Docket Ep44): Court is in session! QB News, TE Ranks and More!

With no Josh this week, Abe brings on Steve from @SidelineSquib to discuss the finising positions of the Tight End position and some very big news following a QB decsion to move on. 
Check out all of our teams work at

100: Ep100: (The DFS DocketEP43!) Playoff Money & QB outcomes!

 Abe and Josh review the 2020 Fantasy Football qb’s, give you lineups to win money this week, and decide where Deshaun Watson should end up.

99: Ep99:(The DFS Docket Ep42!) Playoff DFS!

Abe and Josh are here to bring you Playoff Football DFS! With different strategies and targets in the playoffs, these guys have you covered! 
Check out all of our teams work at

98: EP98:(The DFS Docket Ep35!) Final week of DFS!

Josh and Abe break down the final slate of the year to send us off with a bang and some cash in our pockets! 

97: Ep97:(The DFS Docket Ep24!) -Championship Week & DFS all weekend!

With Josh on vacation Steve joins Abe as they go over championship week and DFS on Friday, Saturday& Sunday this week! 

96: Ep96:(The DFS Docket Ep23!) Week 15 DFS Targets/Stacks/Plays

Josh and Abe are back to set us up with another cashing lineup! 

92: Ep95:(The DFS Docket Ep22!) Week 14 DFS Matchups and Targets

94: Ep94: Make or Break Fantasy Week 12!

Steve hops on the mic quick to cover some huge covid news related to the biggest week in fantasy football! Week 12 is the make or break week for some teams who are on the fence for the playoffs. See this quick episode for the news and what this week mean…

93: Ep93: (The DFS Docket Ep21) Thanksgiving Winnings!

Josh & Abe bring on fellow Detroit native Chris Robin from the DFS Cheat Sheet to discuss this weekends Main Slate! 
With a winning lineup on Turkey Day take a listen to see which way the Docket is heading this weekend! 
For all of our teams work che…

92: Ep92 (The DFS Docket Ep20!) DraftKings week 9 Main Slate!

Josh & Abe have a fun one on their hands as they battle the pandemic and players missing time left and right! 
See you they think has the best chance to keep us in the money this weekend! 

91: Ep91: (The DFS Docket Ep19) WE’RE LIIIIIIVE Week 8 DFS

Abe & Josh take the Docket Live! Find The DFS Docket live on our YouTube Channel – SidelineSquib weekly! 
For all of our teams work check out

90: Ep90: Sideline Squib Halloween Costume Comps!

Steve and Andrew are joined by fellow podcaster and host of The DFS Docket Abe do have some fun and do the annual Halloween Costume Comps! 
Come hang and give it a listen for some awesome comps you might see this weekend! 

89: Ep89: (The DFS Docket Ep18) Week 7 Bounce Back!

Josh & Abe are back to break down week 7 and this time bounce back from a frustrating loss! Tons of yards but no touchdowns, the boys dig deep to find those players that will fall into the endzone in week 7 ! 
For all of our teams work check out sideli…

88: Ep:88 Dundy Awards! $250Cash Giveaway! Dont miss out!

The Quarterly Awards show with Steve and Andrew, but first, a special guest joins us and throws $250 cash on the table for all of you! Come listen and find out your easy way to win! 
all of our work can be found at

87: Ep:87 (The DFS Docket Ep17) Week 6 DFS Targets!

Josh & Abe, back at it again and this week they have that lineup construction that will put you over the top. Can they follow up a solid week 5 with an even better Lineup!? Come hang and find out! 
For all of our teams work head over to sidelinesquib.c…

86: Ep:86 Rankings Debate !!

85: Ep85: (The DFS Docket Ep16) Week 5 – Make A Statement

Josh has decided to take some more vacation, and Abe welcomes John Frascella @legendsports7 and Marc Saulino from to break down this weeks big headlines, and give the world’s best DFS advice.

84: Ep84: (The DFS Docket Ep15) DFS Week 4 Prep w/Abe & Josh

Abe and Josh break down the week 4 NFL slate as you prep for DFS this weekend. Come hang out and see which way the boys are leaning as they lead us to green again this week on The DFS Docket. 
You can see all of our teams work at

83: Ep83: Week 3 Picks & Bricks

Steve and Andrew are joined by friend of the show and Host of not one but two of his own podcasts Aaron Yakel! 
For all of our work swing over to

82: Ep82:(The DFS Docket Ep14) – Week 3 DFS Prep!!!

Abe and Josh prep for week 3 of the DFS slate. Dont miss out on another winning strategy brought to you by the DFS team over at

81: Ep81: NFL week 2 Picks and Bricks

Steve and Andrew hit on a few players to target for this week and a few to keep on the bench. 
Tune in and hear some of the questions from the live chat. 
For all of our work swing over to

80: Ep80:(The DFS Docket Ep13) Week 2 DFS!

Abe & Josh nailed week 1 and are back for week 2 of the NFL DFS Slate! Find Value plays, core plays and more. 
For all of our teams content swing over to

79: Ep79: Picks&Bricks Week 1

NFL is back and so are Sideline Squib’s Picks&Bricks episodes! See who we believe is a good “Start/Sit” option this Sunday! 

78: Ep78: (The DFS Docket Ep12!) DFS breakdown! Week 1 is here!

Abe and Josh are back at it for week 1 of the NFL season! DFS is back and The DFS Docket has you covered with this weeks breakdown and value plays for you Daily Fantasy Sports players! 
Check out all of our work, articles, videos and more at Sidelinesq…

77: Ep77: Roster Construction with a HUGE TWIST!

Steve & Andrew bring on writers Kyle and Tim for a little fun with our mock draft construction! We were told to draft a roster using only our Initials!!! 
Can you do it? 
Check out all of our work at

76: Ep76: (The DFS Docket Ep11): Cant Touch This!

The DFS Docket comes up with their cant and wont touch list this season. Tune in to see if you agree or disagree! 
For all of the teams work head over to

75: Ep75: Who’s in and who’s out with Michael Royer @Dynasty_DadFF

With the uncertainty that is players health this season and what will come up during schedule Steve & Andrew bring on Michael Royer host of the Dynasty Dad Podcast & Dynasty Refinery to talk planning. Mike brings over 10 leagues commissioning to the tabl…

74: Ep74: The DFS Docket SuperFlex Mock

The DFS Docket crew, Abe & Josh bring on guests Chris Robin and John Frascella for a little Superflex Mock to get all of us ready for the season. Having a little fun while drafting these guys bring the knowledge! 
Check out all of our teams work at sid…

73: Ep73: State your case – Pay the Tight Ends!

Taylor Cornell joins Steve and Andrew to talk about the top tight ends finally getting paid and what it means for the future of the position. State your case and for your fighter over the next three seasons and more! 
Check out all of our content at si…

72: Ep72: Upside!Upside!Upside!

Steve and Andrew hit high upside players at each position. Player that can make or break your team on any given week! 
Check out all of the teams work at

70: EP71: (The DFS Docket Ep9) Fight Chance with Kacey Kasem

Abe and Josh bring on FSWA member, Fighting Chance Fantasy advocate Kacey Kasem to talk some football! With only a month away tune in and listen to the latest episode of The DFS Docket! 

70: Ep70: Squib Squad – Positional Sleepers 120 ADP+

Steve & Andrew host Abe & Josh as the Sideline Squib squad tag team episode 70! 
Sleepers with an ADP 120+ for each position while the two pod casts collab. 
For all of our work go to
DFS and more…

69: Ep69: Medical Advice With Dr. Edwin Porras

Steve and Andrew are pleased to have Doctor Edwin Porras on the show to discuss injury concerns at the next level. 
For all things fantasy football swing over to 

68: Ep68:(The DFS Docket Ep8) – NFC WEST PREVIEW

DFS Docket – NFC West and Robert Woods is Popeye? 
This week the guys welcome in the very funny David ‘the voice’ Stein to discuss the NFL afreeing to not play any preseason games, if Antonio Brown is crazy, and breakdown the NFC West. 
For Rankings/…

67: Ep67: All things football with Chris Robin – DFS Cheatsheet

With the new news about IR spots for COVID – 19 players Steve brings on Chris Robin to discuss the impact this may have on the season. 
Over/Under segment brought to us by ThriveFantasy – use code “SQUIB” at sign up for a free $20 Match Bonus! 

66: Ep66: (The DFS Docket Ep7) – AFC East w/ John Frascella

The week the guys bring in John Frascella to preview everyone’s favorite division, the AFC East. They also talk about some new contract extensions, answer some mailbag and hae a major announcement at the end of the show. Follow the guys on twitter @DFS_D…

65: Ep65: High Stakes Champion – Drake Jordan

While Steve is still away Andrew takes the first chair and has a blast with special guest Drake Jordan, a 3x High Stakes Champion! The patience and prep that goes into a draft is like no other! Tune it to hear how Drake attacks such a league and can help…

64: EP64: (The DFS Docket Ep6) – Sprinkle Some Boston

As Josh returns, the guys welcome in Jacob Vines @Jsnake_DFF to talk about a possible Raheem Mostert trade, the Patrick Mahomes contract, and break down the NFC East. 

63: Ep63: (The DFS Docket Ep5) NFC South Preview

Abe brings on Andrew Leehy from Sideline Squib to discuss the fantasy value of the Cam Newton signing in New England before they hit the NFC South Preview! 
For more dynasty and dfs tool check out the website at 

62: Ep62: SFB Podathon Prep w/ Tim Torch

Steve and Andrew are pleased to welcome Tim Torch to the show to prep for the SFB Podathon. Tune in and see what you could be missing! 

61: Ep61: (The DFS Docket Ep:4) AFC West preview – Single Season

With Josh out of town, Abe invites Steve on The Docket to break down the AFC West in a single season format. Taking a step back from Dynasty and focusing on the redraft side of things, Steve was forced to look at the game from a different view. Come list…

60: Ep60: SFBX Scoring and Targets

Andrew and Steve got their invites to the Scott Fish Bowl and brown down some of the targets that caught their eye. The scoring in these tournaments are insane and the drafts could follow suit. Listen to how the hosts of Sideline Squib plan to attack suc…

59: Ep59: DFS Detroit Strong (The DFS Docket Ep;3)

This weeks show the guys welcome Chris Robin AKA @DetroitBeastie to breakdown the NFC North. The guys also talk about the Sony Michel injury, Zeke catching the Corona and much more! Follow the guys @DFS_Docket along with @sportsradiodet and @sidelinesqui…

58: Ep58: $10,000 Diamond Filled Ring!!??

Steve and Andrew have special guest Tim Peffer from Dynasty Owner on to discuss the the newest Dalvin Cook news, all 16 Running Backs on their final year, and lastly an in depth look into the hottest new fantasy football platform. Oh yeah and if you win,…

57: Ep 57: (The DFS Docket ep2) Tight End Tiers

This week Josh and Abe discuss the Dalvin Cook saga, and break down their top 12 Tight Ends. Plus there is an awesome giveaway at the end of the show! 

295: Ep56: ADP Wars with Doug Eddy from DHH & TFFG

Andrew brings on Doug Eddy to discuss ADP values and must buys this summer before the season starts and player values start to spike. 

55: Ep55: (The DFS Docket Ep1) The Big Announcement!

This week the guys make some huge announcements, talk about Jadeveon Clowney and complete a mock draft to get you ready for the upcoming season. While Daily Fantasy Sports are on hold the guys bring the knowledge you seek to compete in your leagues. The …

54: EP54: Keep, Trade, Cut w/ Tyler Guenthner DHH

Steve, Andrew, and special guest Tyler Guenthner talk about the crisis, and have some fun playing Keep, Trade, Cut on the second ever live episode.
Subscribe on Youtube:
Stay tune for June 25th!! : Sideline Squib Website dr…

53: Ep53: Listener Questions w/ Tim Keller DHH

Steve, Andrew, and Tim answer a few questions sent in from the listeners. Exciting news in the headlights! Tune in and check out what we have in store for everyone!

Send in a voice message:

52: Ep52: What is a generational talent?

Steve and Andrew take a step back and give you some common conversations and debates among league chats.

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51: Ep 51: Fantasy Fun with Mike Hawkins (Pro Dynasty League)

Steve and Andrew bring on Mike Hawkins the creator of Pro Dynasty League and have a little fun with roster construction of certain divisions. Oh and they discuss the new PRO DYNASTY LEAGUE!!! Come check it out and find out what it is they are so hyped fo…

50: Ep 50 : Rookie Mock

50th episode in the books as Steve and Andrew conduct a 2 round super flex roookie mock draft. Check out some landing spots these guys are seeing across multiple leagues they are currently drafting in.

Send in a voice message:…

49: Ep49 Draft Reactions

First reactions to best team draft and best player landing spots!

Send in a voice message:

48: Ep48 West&South Landing Spots

With only 4 days until the NFL draft kicks off, we finish up our best fits tour with the AFC/NFC South&West. 

Send in a voice message:

Ep47 AFC NFC NORTH Fits w/ John Laub

Special Guest John Laub from Dynasty Die Hards joins us to discuss landings spots in the NORTH

Send in a voice message:

AFC NFC East Good Fits

With free agency in the past and the draft right around the corner, Steve, Andrew and special guest Tim Keller go over some great landing spots for potential prospects.

Send in a voice message:

Start Up Strategies

Tis the time when start ups are being dropped on your lap every day. With the world in shelter there is more then ever. Many different ways to go about what types of leagues you want to play, Steve and Andrew go over some of their strategies and favorit…

Special Guest Angelo

Andrew brings on special guest Angelo to discuss the meaningful landing spots and how he uses higher education to break down players.

Send in a voice message:

Free Agency Landing Spots

Andrew has the lead mic as he walks us through some potential landing spots and where we would want a player to fall for fantasy purposes.

Send in a voice message:

2020 WR Class Part 4!

Deeper dive into some WRs in the 2020 class to help you steal the draft in the later rounds.

Send in a voice message:

2020 WR class part 3

Some Big Hitters in Tee Higgins and Justin Jefferson

Send in a voice message:

2020 WR class part 2

Shenault Jr./Bowden Jr./ Hamler breakdowns and thoughts.

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38: 2020 WR Class Part 1

New Intro music and the start to a WR class so deep Steve and Andrew talk to the top 3 to get things started. 

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Low Tier Rbs 2020 class

Steve and Andrew touch on some late round talent, and low tier running backs coming into the draft.

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NFL 2020 Mock Draft Top 10

Steve is riding solo and goes over his top 10 in the NFL Draft. ( top 10 tease from article )

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RB 2020 2.0

Steve and Andrew hit another group of young RBs in the 2020 class.

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First look RB 2020

Andrew and Steve jump into the 2020 RB class first take.

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A touch into the SEC QB class with Andrew and Steve.

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Fantasy Shack Autism Awareness Bowl

Steve and Andrew team up with special guest Casey Cornelison from Fantasy Shack to talk Autism Awareness and the crazy league they all are apart of.

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2020 QB class BIG10

Steve and Andrew are on to the BIG10 where not to much is happening in the QB rooms for the 2020 class but give you some insight on what they did see coming out of this conference.

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25: 2020 QB class PAC12

Andrew and Steve break down a few QBs in the PAC 12 a few good ones and a few bad ones to keep an eye on come this off season. Listen in for you chance at a free week subscription to our DFS Fanduel Partner!!

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24: First Look at 2020 QB class.

Steve, Andrew and Special Guest Nick Whalen talk about a few 2020 QB prospects. 

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23: Your week 12 picks and bricks

One last week before playoffs start in most leagues. See who Andrew and Steve are jumping all over and staying away from this week to ensure a playoff birth. 

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22: Ring that Victory Bell.

Steve Breaks down the Sunday recap solo style as fantasy playoffs are right around the corner. 

Send in a voice message:

21: Back Yard Brawl?

Week 11 picks and bricks took a slight turn when Myles Garrett ripped off Mason Rudolphs helmet and hit him over the head with it! WTH. 

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20: Any Given Sunday

Andrew learned a few things this week, including that recording a solo podcast might be just as difficult as winning in the NFL every week. Thank goodness Steve will only miss this one episode. The same can’t be said for Matt Stafford. 

This episo…

19: Aaron Donald back at PITT? watch out.

week 10 break down

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18: Your Wish Is My Command

DeAndre Hopkins dressed up as the perfect genie from Aladin over the weekend so were here to give you our 3 wishes for the rest of the fantasy season. 

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17: Halloween Costume Comps

The guys are back with a special guest to give you their picks and bricks for week 9 with a little twist. Listen to hear what Halloween Costumes players are being compared to it today’s episode. 

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