Episode 34 – Opening Day 2022

The Opening Day marks the day that everyone is welcome to see their favorite players in the diamond again. What place would each team end up in the divisions, and which team would win? Which teams would battle in the Playoffs? Do you have a list of players and managers who you expect to receive awards this year? Listen to Jeremy and Jamal discuss their dingers and Ks and which cards they play for the outcome of this baseball season.

Episode 33 – Everybody’s in the Best Shape of Their Lives

ots of moves these past few weeks, and the Spring Training is on. No GM hats this week since the rest of the teams made it to the Playoffs last year. Free agency also affects how the games move forward. Another Fair or Foul this week, related to the recently agreed CBA stuff. Listen to Jeremy and Jamal discuss these topics together with their weekly dingers and ks.