Episode 1- The Start of the First Inning

Dingers & Ks
Dingers & Ks
Episode 1- The Start of the First Inning

Episode 1 – Dingers and Ks

In this episode:

It’s live—Dingers and K’s, for baseball fans by baseball fans!

Jamal and Jeremy from Sportsbumz are starting a new podcast to discuss all things baseball. In this episode, we’ll discuss updates about Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

Why is AL dominating? Is the All-Star Game feeling more NBA-ish? Will Shohei Ohtani’s home run make him the face of today’s baseball? Let’s find out!

  • [01:28] Dingers and Ks: about the show and its hosts, Jamal and Jeremy
  • [03:48] Is Shohei Ohtani the face of baseball today?
  • [09:59] Marketing the game by making it more inclusive
  • [11:53] Favorite part of the Home Run Derby
  • [19:24] Is there anything that disappointed you about the Home Run Derby?
  • [21:49] Home Run Derby 2021 Updates
  • [25:51] Why is AL dominating so much? Is the All-Star Game feeling more NBA-ish?
  • [32:52] Opinions about the All-Star Game Jerseys?
  • [36:11] There are guys who didn’t make it there; who shouldn’t be in the All-Star Game?
  • [39:44] Will Bauer pitch again for Dodgers? Opinions about Houston not sending a guy at the game?
  • [43:07] Jamal’s blog: Brotha on Baseball – discussing All-Star’s bad teams and discussion about Field Independent Pitching

Meet The Hosts

Dingers and Ks is a podcast for baseball fans of all ages—new ones or lifelong ones. You’ll learn something new about the baseball scene with Jeremy and Jamal to give you perspective on what it means to be in the pro ball today. Jamal is a baseball blogger from Spotsbumz, a left-handed pitcher since high school, a lifelong fan of the game. Baseball is Jeremy’s first love in high school, which helped him explore other sports and do shows.

Find Jeremy and Jamal here

Jamal’s Blogs on Sportsbumz: https://sportbumz.com/brothaonbaseball/

Trade your sports teams like stocks here: https://simbull.app/

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